Extension Renovation

A project currently under construction in collaboration with Forte Builders.

This residence is located in a city area that requires the preservation of existing housing character and style. The brief was to convert and retain the house into a space that is appropriate for a growing family. The extension is to be energy efficient and climatically sensitive, using materials that are unconcealed and true to their original condition. Concrete floors are used throughout, natural timbers are left clear coated, and brick is exposed. Louvred windows are employed on the north and south sides to promote cross ventilation. A key component of the design was to have the entire north wall of the living space be open.

The existing house becomes an area for the children, the center of the house is where the family comes together, and the rear is a retreat for the parents. The house plan forms a "U" shape around a central north-facing courtyard. The existing house has a large street setback. Part of the design was to have this front yard adapted to be the "backyard" in the traditional sense.