Raglan, Inner City House for a Young Family

Sitting on a footprint of just over 200 square metres just north of the CBD is a little house built quickly on a modest budget. The house was built under a design and construct arrangment, with Dan doing all design related tasks, then moving onto project management and on site supervision.  He oversaw the job from the very first meetings until it was handed over. 

This helped keep the project on time and budget and allowed for prompt resolution of all design related queries. 

The block is north facing, and the brief was to have an enviornmentally sound solution for a young, growing family. Robust and low maintenance finishes were used throughout. Living spaces are at ground level configured in a linear fashion with bedrooms, bathrooms and a second living space on the upper level. 

The entire house is timber frame and is exteremly well insulated. Cross-ventilation and airflow is promoted through use of louvres on both the north and the south side. Minimal retaining and boundary fencing using kiln 8 maxi bricks at face value. All planting and gardening was to be low water and to use predominantly native species.

The screening element along the northern façade was configured on site and its unique patterning obscures views to particular parts of the street for privacy, and to limit direct sun exposure to some internal living spaces.

The project was completed in collaboration with RK Brine Master Builder