64 Broome Street Apartment Building

The Broome Street Apartments were designed and built between January 2019 and January 2023 in collaboration with RK Brine and Cassandra Tana Interiors. The developer's brief was to demolish the four existing apartments and replace them with four high-end apartments suitable for the local area. The apartments set a new record for apartment sales in Perth per square meter, reflecting the quality and superior specification of the works.

All marketing content was prepared in-house and then distributed to the selling agents. All apartments sold off the plan prior to completion.

The architectural form was designed to be unique from all elevations and to strike a fine balance between views and privacy. It was important to capitalize on the view of the Indian Ocean while maintaining privacy for the residents. The ground floor was elevated above street level to separate the residents from footpath level. Setbacks differ between the north and the south, and the placement of the circulation core was considered to maintain privacy between residents.

A layering of the balcony spaces with screens, glazing, thickness of edge and setback ensured that those in the apartments above did not impede on those below. Each layer serves a purpose.

The material palette drew on mid-century modernism. The architects reflected on the timelessness of some of Louis Kahn's work, using the warmth of concrete against natural timbers throughout. Materials needed to be durable and low-maintenance, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

The structural system employed helps achieve 3-meter high ceilings throughout all apartments, while still being compliant with council height regulations and requirements and sympathetic to the bulk and mass of the neighboring area. Post-tension structural slabs allowed for an efficient slab design, with no beams on the job. The job displays impressive cantilevers using thin slabs. All apartments have generous, covered outdoor living areas. The cantilevers were used to maintain uninterrupted views across the playing fields and the Indian Ocean.

Open site access during construction allowed the use of precast concrete panelling, which reduced the construction timeline significantly. These panels are expressed and left in their natural form on site. The architects employed accurate CAD overlays and 3D models to ensure that what was happening real-time on site was reflective of what was scheduled to come.

The basement is impressive, with the entire site excavated to maximize storage capacity for the residents. Each apartment has a fully enclosed, oversized garage underneath the building.

64 Broome street Cottesloe, front elevation up close
64 Broome street Cottesloe front elevation from corner
64 Broome street Cottesloe front elevation from across the road
64 Broome street Cottesloe northern elevation corner cantilever
64 Broome street Cottesloe north stairwell elevation
64 Broome street Cottesloe view to the ocean
64 Broome street Cottesloe eastern driveway concrete and screening
64 Broome street Cottesloe stairwell west elevation up close
64 Broome street Cottesloe screening to eastern elevation